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Ringbrothers Advance High-End Muscle Car Restoration with SOLIDWORKS and CAMWorks VoluMill

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Exceptional products and stellar service go hand in hand.

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Why Choose CAMWorks

No other CAM system on the market can surpass the machining intelligence of CAMWorks.

What sets CAMWorks apart

The robust CAMWorks solution contains three major features that completely outdo the competition.

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Reduce programming time and accelerate new product development.

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Best-in-class technology and adaptable automation tools for maximized efficiencies.

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CAMWorks is an intuitive, feature-based CAM software that helps to increase productivity using best-in-class technologies and adaptable automation tools to maximize CNC machining efficiency.

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  • CAMWorks provides fully associative toolpaths. If the design changes, toolpaths will update automatically.
  • Multiple variations of the same part are a button push away with CAMWorks.
  • CAMWorks seamlessly integrates inside SOLIDWORKS. All CAD and CAM data is stored in one file.


ACCESS Manufacturing Systems, Inc. is the largest CAMWorks® reseller in the world. For more than 30 years, ACCESS has delivered best-in-class manufacturing software and accessories, along with unsurpassed industry expertise, to thousands of companies across the nation.

We believe that exceptional products and stellar service go hand in hand. Our extensive industry knowledge has allowed our customers to enhance their machining operations by reducing setup time, doubling machine capacity, and improving overall quality.

Contact us today to ACCESS the most qualified team of CAM experts in the industry.

why choose camworks

Why CAMWorks

There is no other CAM system on the market that can surpass the machining intelligence of CAMWorks. The robust CAMWorks software contains three major features that completely outdo the competition.

The AFR engine will interrogate a solid model in CAMWorks Solids to automatically find the prismatic features on the part. It will find holes, rectangular, round, and irregular pockets, bosses, slots, corner slots, etc. on all sides of the part. AFR can literally cut hours of time from the process of programming.

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The TechDB is a database that contains all the strategies to machine the feature types that CAMWorks supports. All strategies are editable by the user.

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All CAMWorks machining data is associated to the model. If a change is made to the model, CAMWorks recognizes it and asks if the tool path should be redone. By answering yes to one dialog, CAMWorks will completely reprogram the part.

Additional Benefits

The CAMWorks proprietary Technology Database can be used to automate families of parts and families of features to greatly reduce the time required to generate CNC programs.

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Because CAMWorks is both feature-based and associative with the design model, changes made to the design model are made easily and the toolpaths in CAMWorks can update automatically. 

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CAMWorks full integration inside SolidWorks (or CAMWorks Solids) brings with it the ease of use of a single user interface for all your CAD/CAM needs including solid modeling, complex milling and turning, multi-tasking machining, and wire EDM technology.

CAMWorks full integration inside SolidWorks (or CAMWorks Solids) allows all the data for both engineering and manufacturing to be stored in a single common database. This is facilitated since the CAM data is stored within the CAD (SolidWorks) file itself.

additional benefits

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Success with NESTINGWorks

Because NESTINGWorks, CAMWorks, and SOLIDWORKS software are part of a seamless, integrated development environment, we can consistently do more with less and elevate our level of accuracy and quality, which helps make us more competitive and successful.

Mike Buchli
Vice President, Karl W. Schmidt & Associates
Automatic feature recognition

I routinely use Automatic Feature Recognition in creating fixtures for our machining operations. Together with the Technology Database it enables CAMWorks to automatically select the right drills and taps. We used to spend most of the day programming fixtures - not anymore.

Mike Blake
Methods Engineer / Program Manager, Magnus Hi-Tech
ACCESS Customer Since 2002
CAMWorks success

We were using a different (software) package at the time but found CAMWorks to be a better end-to-end solution. With CAMWorks, what used to take hours, can now be done in a few minutes.

Dave Carpenter
Engineering Manager, Tampa Bay Steel
ACCESS Customer Since 2006
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